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How to Flash Sony Xperia

Flash Sony Xperia Bootloop is an HP problem that needs to be fixed immediately by flashing.

If your Xperia phone is a boot loop, you really need to know how to flash this Sony Xperia.

How to Flash Sony Xperia

Problems with the problem of most Sony Xperia users sometimes not only on boot loop, among other problems such as Sony Xperia hang, totally dead, slow or lag, until the boot loop problem. But don’t worry! because the admin already has a solution.

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Flash Sony Xperia via SP Flashtool

Flash Sony Xperia via SP Flashtool

To overcome the problem on the Sony Xperia Mobile, here the admin will provide a flash method using the help of SP Flashtool software.

Smart Phone Flash tool itself is a flashing software on various types of smartphones, especially this Sony Xperia.

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Sony Xperia Flash Material

Well, before you flash, if possible, do a data backup on your Sony Xperia Xperia first. Because later all data on your Sony Xperia Mobile will be erased.

If you have backed up or backed up the data, then you need to prepare some materials needed below.

  1. Download Sony Xperia Stock Firmware.
  2. Download the Sony Xperia USB Driver.
  3. Download the latest SP Flashtool software.
  4. Prepare Laptop / PC / Computer OS Windows.
  5. Prepare a USB cable that is still good. If available, use the original data cable from Sony Xperia.
  6. Also, make sure the battery on the Sony Xperia Friend above 50% to avoid death during the flashing process.

How to F Sony Xperia via SP Flashtool

How to Flash Sony Xperia via SP Flashtool

If all the flash material is ready. Please, mate, follow the flash steps below carefully, so that the process can run well.

1. Open the SP Flashtool software extracted the folder and look for the file Flash_tool.exe. Run Flashtool by right-clicking -> Run As Administrator.

2. After the SP Flashtool application has been opened, then please select the scatter file by clicking the scatter-loading menu.

3. Next, enter and select the Sony X Firmware / Stock ROM folder that you have downloaded, and search for the Android_scatter file.

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4. If the Android_scatter file has been entered, now Buddy clicks Download to prepare to flash.

  • Tips for using SP Flashtool:
    So when the scatter file has successfully loaded, later you will see several checklist line options in Flashtool. In the file, row unchecks the option preloader and Uboot.
  • Do this if the Sony Xperia Mobile can still turn on but stuck to the logo only (boot loop). But if your Xperia is totally dead and can’t turn on the logo, then check all the file options list.

Sony Xperia

5. Next, make sure your Sony Xperia mobile has been turned off, you can also remove the battery if the battery is removable (removable).

6. Connect the Sony X mobile with a computer/laptop via the USB data cable that has been prepared.

7. Then press the Volume Up or Volume Down buttons together to speed up the connection between the cellphone and the PC (if Sony hasn’t been detected).

8. If the Sony Xperia flash process runs normally, then the progress bar at the bottom of the SP Flashtool software will have a color indicator that moves, from red to yellow. So please buddy, wait until it’s 100% complete.

9. If the flashing process has finished, a green circle will appear with the message Download Ok.

10. F Sony Xperia mobile has been completed. Please turn on your Sony Xperia mobile.

The Xperia mobile flashing process has finished.

Now your Sony Xperia phone should be as normal as the factory default. Just set the settings again as you wish and your Sony Xperia Mobile is ready to use.

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Enough of this Arahantekno article this time about how to flash the Sony Xperia.

If you experience problems or problems during the flashing process, please just ask in the comments below.

Hope it is useful

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