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Hot Badakhshi Noodle soup recipe cooking on Kitchen

Hot Badakhshi Noodle Soup Recipe

Today, I am at the Pul-e Kheshti of Kabul, the place where thousands of people visit to purchase their needs I was informed that there are people who sell noodles for a long time now.

Hot Badakhshi Noodle Soup Recipe

Hot Badakhshi Noodle Soup Recipe
Hot Badakhshi Noodle Soup Recipe

I have also come here to ask about those people and also learn the recipe of noodles and also eat and try noodles for its taste So,  I am now at a place where there are many people who sell noodles I have chosen one here I have been informed that chef Wasel cooks a very delicious noodles and he is very famous in Pul-e Kheshti area Kabul Afghanistan.

Badakhshi Noodle Soup Recipe

I was thinking it might be expensive That’s pepper with spices Pepper with mint, that’s great.

People of Afghanistan have a special interest for noodles is beneficial for some sicknesses like flue and other sicknesses due to cold People like noodles a lot compared to other oily foods People from all ethnics, Pashtun, Hazara, Tajik, Uzbek brothers come to us here Yes, we are all Afghans.


Badakhshi Noodle Soup Recipe is cooked and eaten all over the world and how the noodles in Pul-e Kheshti tastes, I will try.

It’s great. It is very delicious.

Spicey, salty and delicious

It has a beautiful color.

It is delicious, thank you.

It is great. It was very delicious. I want to eat more. I am here to learn its recipe

Where is your house?

Was: My house in Jade Maiwand.

Mitra: Jade Maiwand. It is close then.

Wasel: Yes, it is close.

Mitra: That’s great.

Friends, we will no go with chef Wasel to his house; stay with us.

It is very fascinating and I am very happy to learn the recipe of noodles Stay with us to know how noodles are cooked and what are the ingredients Pul-e Khishti is one of the crowded places in the city

where thousands of people visit to sell and purchase their needs, daily This area has a famous landmark named Pul-e Kheshit mosque Pul-e Kheshit mosque is the second oldest after Shah-Do Shamshira mosque in Kabul This mosque was only a temple that was destructed over time and the Arab Muslims who came to Afghanistan in the first half of the first Hijri century repaired the destructed temple and laid the foundation of it.

Friends, we are now at chef Wasel’s house It is an old and beautiful house

Hot Badakhshi Noodle soup recipe cooking on Kitchen


Badakhshi noodles A very tasty noodles

We are happy to be at Wasel’s house with his wife to eat their cooking – Badakhshi noodles, today

I haven’t eaten it before

I have eaten noodles and have heard about Badakhshi noodles but have not eaten it yet

What are the ingredients chef?

That is the oil that we need it first

  1. we need it first
  2. Onion is second
  3. Tomato is third

This is spinach and is added after you add some water You can also add any other type of vegetable

This is known as apricot among people That is a pea, pepper that is yogurt that we will add

This is the dough that we will cut it with the machine Noodles are made out of this and is beneficial for some pains too.

There are noodles available in the market but making it with the natural dough has a different taste

Yes, because it is very natural and local Our local foods are popular around the world

Yes, as I said before, noodles are available in all countries but it has a special taste in our country with its natural ingredients.


Don’t be shy and let’s start cooking it


Friends this the machine that is used to cut the noodles How lovely it is when husband and wife are helping each other and be like friends work and cook together.

Yes, but most of the times I am busy with chores outside the house But I also take part with chores at home Sometimes I argue with her that you are have made me tired and I look like your daughter-in-law I am a bit lazy, hope that I don’t ruin something

You will do the next one?

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We are in the kitchen with miss Habiba

She wants to teach me the recipe of Badakhshi noodles and we want to show it to you how it is and what are the ingredients We both have a bit stress.

I have the stress of eating Badakhshi noodles and you can start cooking it

What is the first thing on Hot Badakhshi Noodle we have to do?

  1. First, we will make the oil hot We have added the oil and until it is hot We have to wait for some minutes The oil is hot and.
  2. The oil is now hot and we will add onion now We will wait until it is fried Onion is ready and now we will the tomato We have to fry it until the water is evaporated.
  3. then we will add water now we are adding water Let’s mix it Will are waiting for this to boil We will then add the noodles.
  4. We will add some milted flour into it to make it thicker  If you add flour, it will become a bit thick What is next?
  5. now we are adding apricot
  6. I will add some salt Forgot to take this in a plate It is time to add the pea I am adding it
  7.  We will add inside the pot to make the ingredients complete Keep mixing it

Only spices are remaining I will the spices too For some minutes It will be ready in 10 to 15 minutes

We will now cook it for 15 to 30 minutes Until that, I will go to the house and talk with miss Habiba’s children and herself.

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I will also have a cup of tea and once they bring me the noodles, I will eat it and tell you about its taste

And here it is the noodles we wanted, in a very beautiful.

It really is Badakhshi noodles

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