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Glance at the Prospects of Self Publish Books for New and Gifted Writers

A glance at the Prospects of Self Publish Books for New and Gifted Writers

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A glance at the Prospects of Self Publish Books for New and Gifted Writers
A glance at the Prospects of Self Publish Books for New and Gifted Writers

Maybe that is one of the proverbs suitable for a writer whose work is less attractive to large publishers. Even though their writing is of high quality and of high quality, if the publisher of the book is not attractive and doesn’t sell enough, then be prepared to be rejected.

This is one reason why the prospect of self-published books is starting to increase.

This alternative to publishing and marketing books by yourself will be increasingly helped by the sophistication of today’s internet world because you no longer rely on and depend on the publisher.

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What is Self Publishing?

Maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with the term self-publish book. Self Publishing is an attempt to publish a book made by the author himself.

Starting from writing a book, looking for printing services and marketing it to consumers. All done alone with capital from the author himself.

The prospect of self-published books is still quite high in Indonesia given the reading interest that is being promoted and the tendency of people to buy things online.

Is Self Publishing still potential at this time, when e-books are being incessant?

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The basic thing to know is that there have indeed been many changes related to the internet phenomenon. Like the change from traditional shops to online stores, manual financial systems to financial technology and so on.

However, e-books cannot replace the role of printed books. Until at any time, printed books will always be needed.

The prospect of self-published books provides opportunities for talented writers so that they can publish and share knowledge through the books they write.

In this case, self publish does not mean they do everything themselves.

They will still need a professional self to publish services in several aspects such as the editing process, editing process, designing the book cover, printing the book and helping the marketing process.

So, for those of you who want to publish your own book, don’t hesitate and continue your wishes.

Many experienced self-publishing services will always be willing to help you to realize that you can have a book of your own.

Advantages of Using Self Publishing Services

If you have a strong desire to publish your own book and capital is not a problem, use the best self-publishing services you can find.

Here are some benefits that you can get when using their services. Among others are :

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  1. Fast and Easy Process


If you send a manuscript to a large publisher, not always the manuscript they received is directly approved for publication. Some of them even go through the screening process of many texts that enter. If you only rely on this publisher, it is highly unlikely that your manuscript will be published soon, even more so for new writers.

Therefore, it is better if you take advantage of the prospect of self-published books to publish your manuscript. The process will be faster and easier than waiting from large publishers.

You can edit and edit the script yourself. The number of books to be published can also be adjusted to your liking. If you don’t want too much or want to publish a limited amount, everything can be arranged.

 2. Can Adjust to the Desire of the Author

Sometimes, large publishers have restrictions or rules that writers must follow if they want their books to be published. So like it or not, the writer must follow what the publisher wants.

For example, the contents of a book, making a book cover, the number of books to be printed up to the marketing process.

However, this will not happen if you self-publish a book. The prospect of a self-published book feels better because all the decisions are in your hands.

The author has full control over all the processes, starting from the publishing schedule, procedures for packaging the book including the layout and cover, determining the number of prints, the selling price of the book and how to market it.

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3. Royalties can be adjusted

Royalties are the benefits a writer can get if a book is sold. In this case, royalties received by the author will usually depend on the rules imposed by large publishers.

The amount of royalties received by an author is generally not more than 20 percent of the profits.

This is why the prospect of self-published books is considered better and more beneficial for writers. You can set your own profit you want to get. Determine the appropriate selling price for your work and the amount of profit you want to obtain.

Thus, you will be more satisfied with the results of self-publishing than the large publishers.


4. The quality of writing is more maintained

The contents of a book are like life for an author. If there is a slight change in the content or related to the writing, it will more or less affect the mentality of a writer.

Especially if it gets rid of some parts or scenes that are considered important, this will be detrimental to the author directly.

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Using an experienced self-publishing service will make you as a writer avoid such events.

You can go down to check directly on the self publish service about the progress of making your book.

5. More effective

Why use the prospect of self-publish books more effectively using self-publish services than taking care of everything by yourself?

Publishing a book has to go through several processes, namely the editing process of the manuscript, the design process of the cover, and even some of them also provide content writing services. You just simply give an idea or ideas that you want to publish into a book.

6. Helped with marketing

In this digitalization era, everyone has been connected very easily via the internet.

You can do online marketing that is connected directly with consumers without going through third parties such as bookstores. This is why the prospect of self-published books is still quite large and promising.

Self Publish Books for New and Gifted Writers 2019
Self Publish Books for New and Gifted Writers 2019

The Best and Cheapest Self Publish Service

Here, Authorskirt.com provides inexpensive self-publishing services for you. We have many advantages compared to other services, namely:

  1. Cheap price

Afghan25.com appreciates the high prospects of self-publish books that are increasingly in demand.

Therefore, we offer very affordable prices for book publishing services, starting from content writing, cover making, editing process to book printing until it is finished in the hope that you can publish the desired book.

2. Fast Process

You do not have to wait long to get your own ideas and ideas. The process of making up to publishing books that we do is very fast but still with slick and quality results.

3. Supported by a Professional Team

We have several professional team members who will be tasked with helping and facilitating your needs. There are content writers, editorial team and design team who are ready to help.

So you don’t need to worry and just make sure that the book that is published is what you want.

Seeing the prospect of self-published books that are still high and potential, it never hurts if you participate in playing in them.

Self Publish Books

Don’t waste your writing talent and ability just because you don’t want to face the complicated publishing process.

The self-publish services team of Authork Creative will always be ready to help realize your dream of having your own workbook.

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